About Us

We have been experienced in the placement of staff and immigration services for more than 15 years. We work closely with many placement agencies both in and out of Cyprus and also directly with applicants looking for work here in Cyprus. We particularly specialise in the placement of domestic workers, agriculture and farm labourers, cooks and caregivers. We have excellent arrangements in place in India, Nepal, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Philippines.

We train staff we supply, where necessary as many employers have very specific needs. We also guarantee to replace any staff where should it become necessary for any reason. 

We also offer immigration and migration services, PIO translations (certified translations), visitors permits, EU membership applications and registration and social insurance registration and payments. In addition, we provide Immigration Health Insurance and Employers Liability Insurance both of which are a legal requirement in Cyprus.

Because of the nature of both employers and employees, our services are always ongoing and we are always available to assist whenever needed. Our goal is always to have satisfied customers.

Our comfortable office